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At MorriganPost, our mission is to inspire people to live a better life. 

As a Guest Writer, you will have a significant impact on people’s lives by providing fresh insights and practical advices.

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What we Offer

A strong platform to provide you with an opportunity to expand your sphere of influence.

Your voice will be heard by an entire world, and your strong presence will ensure writers and readers recognize and find your article first. You will be credited as the author and link to your website or blog, as well as a short biography.


High Active Community Engagement with Your Content

Gain access to our readers and use your material to help them live better lives. Our social media outlets can also help you gain exposure as a subject matter expert.

Editorial Workflow that is Streamlined and Unique

You’ll cover subjects that our editorial team has researched and individually tailored, answering actual questions and solving difficulties that regular readers face.

What Are We Looking For?

Our goal at The Morrigan Post is to provide our readers with interesting viewpoints, actionable advice, and inspiring messages. Despite the fact that our guest writers are not compensated,  we are sure that many of them will achieve success in their writing careers as a result of the exposure and experience we provide.

We are committed to creating a powerful and positive impact through our work and strive to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Foundation of a good expert is their knowledge and expertise. This foundation should be solid in order for the expert to provide sound advice. If the foundation is not strong, the expert’s advice may not be worth considering.

Incorporating new viewpoints and new ideas into your research is important. By doing so, you will be able to reach a greater audience and produce more innovative research. Additionally, by incorporating new ideas, you will be able to challenge your existing assumptions and explore new areas of research.

Category Articles

Articles that fall into one of our primary categories are invited to be submitted. 
If any of the articles do not fall under our already listed categories, we will be more than happy to include it in an add-on category if it is feasible.
**Content should comply with the prevailing content writing guidelines including but not limited to max 3-5% plagiarism, minimum 1000 words.
**Excluded Topics: Porn, violence, etc.


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