Black and white labeled bottle-why is protein powder so expensive
Ufo, abduction, fantasy-people fear what they don’t understand
High-angle photography of woman bathing below waterfalls during daytime-why does taking a shower feel like a chore
Woman in black long-sleeved shirt standing and facing trees with stretched arms under white sky-life is crazy
Woman in infinity pool making heart hand gesture facing green leafed trees-holistic health
Group of people standing on green grass field during daytime-why do i feel no connection to my family
Man sitting on rock formation in cliff during golden hours-signs of inner conflict
Man and woman riding a carousel-choose people who choose you
Person, sit, bench-why is life so painful
Girl holding two eggs while putting it on her eyes-why do i crave eggs
Dr. Sharon Baisil

Dr. Sharon Baisil

A medical doctor and entrepreneur specializing in Public Health. His areas of expertise include diabetes prevention and control through innovative technologies. He has won the Best Android App Award from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been featured in the Entrepreneur, International Business Times, Your Story, and the Economic Times. His app, Beat Diabetes, has 150,000 downloads in the Play Store

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