Person holding present box
Life can change in an instant
A person meditates, one half of their head a dark storm with a menacing figure whispering negativity, the other a sunny landscape with a friendly angel offering encouragement. Vines representing negativity are uprooted, replaced by vibrant flowers as a path leads from the storm towards the sunshine-turn negative into positive
Green and white vegetables on glass window-eating radish at night
Brown almond on white table-does almond milk make you poop
Glass of milk beside dates and nuts-do almond milk make you gain weight
A wooden board with almonds and dates near the person writing on paper-can almond milk cause diarrhea
Close up photo of matcha latte on a ceramic cup-why does green tea make me nauseous
A group of people sitting at a table-when your best friend has no filter
Man sitting on cliffhanger looking at mountain under gloomy clouds-you're doing better than you think
Meryl Roberts

Meryl Roberts

Bay Area therapist empowers individuals & relationships. Meryl blends 13+ years of expertise in yoga, meditation & holistic practices to guide clients towards mental wellness & thriving relationships. A passionate advocate for mind-body health, she helps you unlock your best self.

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