Healing Crystals: Best Crystals for Positivity and Good Energy

Feel The Good Vibes: Benefits of Positivity & Crystal Healing

We depend a lot on modern medicine, and without any doubt, it is efficient. Back in ancient times, gemstones were an integral part of the lifestyle.

People were linked with positive visualizations conferred by the stones.

Gems fail to have a scientific rationale, but people who perceive the ecstatic energy can resonate with the joy and positivity conferred by different crystals.

The powerful healing of the stones can obliterate the negative influences caused by afflictions of emotional, mental, or physical turmoil.

How to Use Crystals to Cleanse and Charge

The adoption of crystals in healing therapies is not something that has unfamiliarity.

Gemstones have been used for a long time to deal with disrupted well-being, social anxiety, and unexpected negative energy. Self-care routines have noticed an increased use of crystals.

Gemstones have been extensively used and valued by our ancestors. These stones are collected from different parts of the earth’s regions.

If we focus on the use of these gemstones in ancient times, we can observe their glorification in different cultural practices. In the history of Egypt, stones were used for protection.

The pieces of evidence from Indian history claim the use of crystals for bringing solutions to illnesses. Old-fashioned Chinese medicine also involved the integration of these gemstones.

The gemstones can direct and influence the spiritual, mental, and physical energy and helps us in connecting better with the universe.

For some people, it is a far-fetched idea to believe in the flow of energy conferred by gemstones.


If we look closely, we all live with dynamic energies and are brimming with electromagnetism. The vibrations reflected by these stones can be used constructively to direct positive energy toward us.

But what harm is in using gemstone therapies if it is causing no harm? 

Let us find a way to cleanse your mind and body using these crystals. Chakras, in layman’s language, are the energy reservoirs in the body.¬†An altered balance might disrupt emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual well-being.

The gemstone therapy depends on placing the gemstones in alignment with 7 different chakras.

Placing the gemstones in close proximity to your body can reflect in welcoming peace and happiness and swaying away the dark and negative energies surrounding you.

Crystals for Good Energy and Positive Energy

Rose Quartz

White crystal on brown wooden table
Photo by susanna marsiglia on unsplash

A widely used crystal, rose quartz, is a well-known crystal for joy. The healing power of this crystal can banish any emotional turmoil and suppress negative thoughts.

The historical use of this crystal has been reported in beauty-related applications. This stone is a part of the quartz family, with its characteristic pale pink color.

The darker pink stones, called strawberry rose quartz varieties, also exist. This crystal is an acclaimed source for irradiating love, joy, and positive energy.


The crystal is tagged to be the stone of unconditional love. The scientific support of a positive state of mind is conferred by this stone and is explained by the placebo effect.

This healing crystal is known to be effective in meditation and healing. The quartz crystal welcomes mental clarity by dismissing emotional and mental turmoil.

The rose quartz crystal helps heal and purify by working on the heart chakra. For this crystal to work, it can be worn as an accessory, added to the meditation routine, or placed in your home.


Selenite crystal
Photo by renee kiffin on unsplash

Selenite is a crystal generally of white color but can also be found in variations of rose, peach, or gold shades.

It has the ability to help obstruct the apprehensive energy around your home and bring in a joyous vibe. It can tackle if anxiety is holding you back and can bring overall happiness in your life.

The vibrations conferred by this gemstone can add an abundance of calmness, joy, and happiness to your way of living. This crystal is known for activating chakras associated with clarity and heavenly benefits (crown and third eye chakras).

Meditation incorporates the crystal as it enhances the receiving of the positive energies conferred by this gemstone. It can also be kept in proximity to where you work or in your bedroom. Placing it in your working atmosphere can eliminate the rise of negative emotions or stress arising from your profession.


Green and gray stone fragment
Photo by aleksandr buynitskiy on unsplash

Turquoise stones can exist in different colors, like blue, green, and purple variations. The perfect hues of the stone make an appealing incorporation into jewelry.

The stone is associated with the throat and third eye chakra. The power of this stone can help you feel at ease in overwhelming situations. The stone can also be used by incorporating it into your meditating routine.

This gemstone is known as a stone that can connect deeply with spirituality. The stone has been associated with fate, creation, and beauty since ancient times.

The space surrounding this stone helps in getting rid of the evil energies. The stone can also reduce the tensions existing in relationships and provides the bearer boosts of energy.


Carnelian crystal
Photo by tiny rituals on unsplash

If you struggle with self-confidence, the crystal healing of carnelian might work for you. Carnelian is a happiness crystal that aims at our emotional well-being by focusing on boosting confidence.

The gemstone has a history of uses associated with fertility and for accumulating power & strength. Also known as sunset stone, this crystal was used in ancient times as a barrier against illness (like the plague).

Being a firestone, it confers physical healing properties. This master healer helps in the free circulation of oxygen, resulting in stimulation and good health of the muscles.

The stone also can stimulate sexual energy. Its association with three lower chakras (root chakra, sacral, and solar plexus chakra) helps fight emotional disbalance and risks.


Citrine crystal
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One of the best crystals for happiness and positivity, citrine is known for its ability to promotes positive environment. The warm hues of the stone share a resemblance with illumination and the sun reflecting warmth.

Undoubtedly, incorporating crystals to your accessories will not disappoint you because of its soothing color. Many people refer to this gemstone as “The Merchant’s Stone.” This is because of the belief that the stone can affirm prosperity.

Incorporating this gemstone can be a powerful tool to allow a vibrant and joyous aura to flow. The positive vibes aided by this happiness crystal can have a benign sense of well-being and open the door to happiness into your life.

This stone has been used since ancient times to cleanse the body and remove toxins in the system. The positive intentions of the crystal are enhancing creativity and strengthening willpower by stimulating the sacral and solar plexus chakra, respectively.


Moonstone crystal
Photo by kira auf der heide on unsplash

Moonstone is a gemstone enchanted with the divinity of feminine energy.

Although this stone comes in various forms, the light-colored gemstone shares a similarity with the allure of the moon.

Some other varieties of this gemstone are pale (yellow), rainbow, gray, and blue moonstones. The divine power of crystal can clear your mind and bring balance to your emotional life.

Because the gemstone is closely associated with the sacred energies of femininity, this stone is known as the master healer for PMS and hormonal imbalance and brings back happiness by resolving issues linked with fertility.

Moonstone is also incorporated to ease the pain and discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth. The positive light of this gemstone helps in affirmative effects on the reproductive organs.

Being a crystal using moon energy, lunar energy plays a crucial role when handling this stone. This gem is also referred to as the stone of new beginnings. It helps acquire positive thought patterns by embracing the natural cycles.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli
Image credit flickr

The earliest of the beliefs about the Lapis lazuli stone is the protection afterlife. For this reason, this stone was extensively used in burials.

Speaking of astrological background, Jupiter is associated with this gemstone providing luck and abundance. The presence of this stone can entrust you with victory, intelligence, and success.

The stone, by affirmative effects on the throat chakra, allows an individual’s free and decisive expression. The power of this stone is also effective in understanding and living your truths.

Black Tourmaline

White ceramic tray with black and white stones
Photo by steph on unsplash

The black color of this gemstone can be related and signified by the depth of the color.

Apart from being a crystal that brings positive energy, this gemstone symbolizes strength. This gemstone can help people with substance abuse by providing them will power and strength.

This crystal shoves away negative energy that they may have picked up and can bring more happiness and optimism into their life.

The best way to use black Tourmaline is by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. When worn as jewelry, direct contact with the skin enables better penetration of the gemstone.

If you are a bit hesitant about the black color of the stone, you might opt for other hues like pink Tourmaline, watermelon Tourmaline, or green Tourmaline.


Purple geode
Photo by ilze lucero on unsplash

The stone featuring its purplish hues keeps bad vibes away. The stone can create a sphere of tranquility and serenity. The stone does excellent work by suppressing distress caused by anxiety and allows us to live a peaceful life.

The healing properties of the stone include enlightening spiritual visions. The stone can absorb negative energy surrounding your environment. The stress caused by anthropogenic disruption of natural energy can be blocked using this stone.

The stone is dedicated to the crown and third eye chakra. The bearer benefits as the energy of the stone form a barrier and protect from the surrounding negativity.

While it is also believed that divinity and soothing dreams can be attained if we place them near ourselves while sleeping. The proximity of the stone also helps in gaining balance in your life.

Amethyst is a gemstone known to increase your intellect and moderate evil thoughts.


Black stone on white table
Photo by anton maksimov 5642. Su on unsplash

Do you wish to trust your intuition and bear happiness and positivity crystal?

Formed from the cumulative energies of lava, Obsidian can be a shield from all the adversities surrounding you. The ancient men found its diverse uses apart from just using it as a happiness crystal.

Apart from being a gemstone with healing and spiritual benefits, it was also used in making weapons and jewelry. The sharp features of the stone symbolize the fact that truth can penetrate through the abyss of darkness.

Different varieties of Obsidian are found. To name a few of them, Black, snowflake, rainbow, golden, and mahogany obsidian stones.

The stone protects physical health by enhancing blood circulation, tissue healing, and resolving digestive troubles. The stone aids happiness by helping obstruct gloom and despair from your environment.