Feeling Down? 11 Instant Mood Boosters to Lift Yourself Up

Snap Out of It! 11 Tips for Your Quickest Pick-Me-Up

Being human means we all ride through different emotions and moods every day and second. Sometimes you are sad or lonely, and in the worst cases, you are completely emotionless and numb.

In such circumstances, we just require assistance to change our mood and regain our energy. I feel a little push in the right direction is possible with some instant mood boosters.

Want to know what these mood elevators are? And how do they help to create positive energy and thoughts? Helping someone else with absolutely no expectations in return is one of the greatest mood boosters in life.

Now, here are 11 ways to lift your mood as well as others’ instantly, even in challenging times:

1. Never Miss an Opportunity

The universe constantly instructs us to show kindness to others and frequently provides us with opportunities to do so.

Don’t forget to offer kindness, and when you see that beautiful smile on their face, you will feel better.

Helping a person with a disability cross the road, allowing someone to go ahead of you in queue, and holding the groceries or objects for an elderly person or a woman—these small, good things will definitely make a difference in your mood in seconds.

2. Lend a Listening Ear to Someone

Whenever we listen to other people’s struggles and help them overcome their stuck situations, it brings peace to both of us. Be open to other people’s issues, and it may also resolve something going on in your mind.

Additionally, there are moments when we don’t even want solutions; we just want someone to listen to us. The satisfaction of being heard is joyful.

3. Become an Inspiration for Others

Our attitude and way of treating people have a great impact on others too. You’re different, and you knew that your perspective and actions would inspire others to follow the path of kindness. And guess what? It actually happened.

That positive shift made the world a better place to live. Don’t be afraid to coach or guide people; remove negative thoughts and be the best version of yourself.


After practicing this idea, I was able to witness the change and observe a shift in the nature of those around me.

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4. Connect with Your Loved Ones

Always stay connected with your loved ones. Whenever I’m feeling happy or depressed, I always turn to my loved ones.

Because I know that they will always be there for me, no matter what I want to share, whether it’s my joy or sadness.

They can double your happiness and reduce your overwhelming energy.

Even their presence will bring positivity to you. Wonder what their wonderful words can do for you because relationships and bonding matter most in overcoming bad experiences.

5. Lift up Others while They’re Feeling down

Understanding emotions, even when they are not expressed, is an art.

We don’t always express how we truly feel because I think we’re just too exhausted by everything. We suppress our fears, anxiety, and overthinking, thinking no one will understand. Be that “nobody” for someone and hear their unspoken words.

Don’t let them suffer in silence; help them clean up their negative feelings.

6. Let Your Inner Spirit Shine

Don’t be afraid to show your authentic self to the world. People engage themselves in becoming something the world wants them to be and forget their real spirit. Being who you are is doing good for yourself.


You’ll feel confident, calm, and assertive in your actual personality.

7. Practice Self-Love

Loving yourself is the simplest and most effective way to encourage yourself and face your worries.

Create a letter for yourself that you can read whenever you feel like life is getting harder. All your worries will naturally fade away. Every person is special in their own way due to their individual physical features.

Appreciate your soul, body, and work in every way possible.

8. Offer Genuine Compliments to Someone

Offering someone a genuine compliment can actually brighten their day.

Take the time to create an image of that person in your mind, with their inner and outer appearances. Create a lasting impression as a speaker and be the reason for someone else to smile.

Your smile and compliments not only promote happiness, but they also create strong bonds and mutual understanding between two people.

9. Express Gratitude to the Universe

Prepare a gratitude journal for everything you have. The universe bestows on you so much abundance in the form of blessings every single day.

Abundance is not just about money; emotional stability, good health, supportive friends, and having a caring family—all this is abundance.

This small tip will work in situations when bad moods continuously trigger you. You’ll realize how many untold gifts you already have.

10. Create Your Own Beautiful Moment

Beautiful memories you will have can also help improve your mood. Eat your favorite food, dance with your partner, and go on exciting adventures to feel happy.

Regular exercise, keeping your body fit, and feeling refreshed every day are instant mood boosters for the morning.

People will be motivated to voluntarily focus on their physical and mental health after observing changes in you. Create those volunteers for the betterment of the world and delightful memories for yourself.

11. Repeat the above List Daily

All these efforts and good deeds will change the world in a better way. Every act of compassion really takes nothing more than an urge to become better.

Just ask yourself: Can’t these things make you happy and delightful?

Positive energy, helping someone in need, doing good for your own body, and expressing gratitude to the universe can make you the happiest.

The healing powers we hold within are something everyone needs at some point. Then, surely, start with yourself and inspire others to seek out opportunities to show kindness.


In a world full of problems, kindness costs nothing but adds happiness to everyone’s life.

Sometimes nothing feels good or bad either. Spreading joy and hope to those around you is the best way to shake off this numb feeling.

Become a volunteer who is ready to share other people’s problems, show your authenticity, practice self-love, and make time for your family and close friends.

FAQs | Instant Mood Boosters to “Lift Myself Up”

Why can’t I lift myself up?

It can be difficult to lift yourself up emotionally, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a negative thought pattern. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to not feel okay and that you can take steps to help yourself. Start by taking time for self-care activities like exercise, journaling, or talking with a friend. You can also try using positive affirmations or reframing your thoughts in a more positive way.

How to lift yourself up from depression?

The best way to lift yourself up from depression is to seek help from a mental health professional. Additionally, engaging in activities that make you feel good, such as exercise, spending time with friends and family, and pursuing hobbies can help you manage your depression. Taking care of yourself by eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress can also be beneficial. Finally, talking about your feelings with someone you trust can be an important step in improving your mental health.

So how can you stay in a better place more of the time, and how do you climb back up if you are already down?

To stay in a better place more of the time, it’s important to focus on self-care and practice positive thinking. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and taking breaks when needed. Additionally, surround yourself with people who can provide emotional support and be a source of encouragement. If you are already feeling down, try engaging in activities that make you feel good such as going for a walk or listening to music.


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