Life Sucks & You’re Hitting Rock Bottom? Here’s How To Make It Better

Transform Your Life: Getting Beyond the "Suck"

How often do we hear, “life sucks, right?” The answer would probably be very often. Well, life is not meant to be easy. Sometimes life can be really cruel.

What should I expect if I go to someone and say my life sucks? A nod of approval? 

I was taught that the purpose of living is to seek happiness. Everybody is seeking happiness and peace. Yet, why do we find ourselves stuck in the vicious cycles of miserable lives? 

When it starts to feel like life sucks, we rush to find out how to feel better. But I say that is an inappropriate approach. This is because the priority should be why it feels that life sucks.

Why Does Life Suck?

Sometimes going on in your life can feel utterly exhausting. Life might not give things you want. The feeling of losing control of life is surely pathetic. The worst feeling is not understanding why it is all happening. Give yourself a chance to rest and introspect what makes it very difficult.

Your life is built on a few fundamentals. This includes your family, relationships, health, profession, and individuality. Fixing the fundamentals can be the first step in changing your life.

Another reason can be the relationship with your parents and partner. A wife and family to share are the biggest support systems. Not all families have a happy meal at the end of each day. Not receiving affirmation and love from home can make life suck so much. The best way to come out of it is to be financially independent.

Marriages are meant to be happy and successful. But if your marriage is not happy, you might start thinking your life sucks. Love can give us power but also break us and make us vulnerable. Meeting a good woman is not enough for a marriage to spend the next 60 years with.

If you fail to love yourself, bad days can stick around longer. When I was a victim of self-hatred, life really became the worst. But I’ve learned to make room for my emotions, priorities, and myself. And it’s always best this way.

Earning is essential for putting bread on the tables. But a toxic work culture can turn your life around. Ask yourself these questions. Am I happy with the work I do? Is this what I expect from life? The answer will tell you why life sucks sometimes.

Negligence of health too can lead to a bad day. Things that have helped me to make life a bit better surely include taking care of my health. While I talk about health here, I do mean a fit body including good mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health, which in turn can promise fewer sucks from life.


How much do we know about ourselves? I’m so glad that I know there are a lot of things I still don’t know. But one thing I know for sure is what makes me happy. But what if you do not know what makes you happy, will you find happiness?

One of my friends always ran after money. Now that he has earned his share, he still says he is missing something good in his life. To welcome happiness, you should be sure of what makes you happy. A lack of self-awareness can make our lives sucky.

Very often, we are living our best lives as defined by others. If you want your life to suck a little less, define your life on your own terms. Shut your ears from the others’ voices telling you how to define life. Allow yourself to listen to what your heart has to say.

What can be the worst thing that reframes the way you see life? If my opinion is considered, it is the belief that you are not worth the joyous chapter of life. The melancholy can stick to us in such a way that we stop believing we can ever be happy.

The ultimate aim of living should be seeking happiness. You are waiting for life to give you lemons. Are you happy because you know how to make lemonade? But the truth is, life doesn’t always give you lemons. What I mean is that life is unpredictable.

Every moment is an opportunity, it is up to you to keep up your positivity or go negative. It all depends on one step.

Are you willing to quit a job that almost kills you? Can you leave your lover because he is doing no good in your life? Are you willing to throw away self-loathing?

I do not promise that all your miseries will vanish. Life is full of adventures, tears, and smiles. Taking one step at a time can help you get a hold of what you’re experiencing.

How To Stop Living a Life That Sucks?

Life isn’t always nice to us. There are moments in life we can’t control. To come over the low point, here are a few actionable ways to make your life suck a little less.

1. Focus On The Good

The high standards set by society can create unrealistic expectations. Hence, we make the mistake of believing that we do not have enough. All of this is a plain lie.

With so much going on in your life, you are more likely to focus on the negatives. No matter what the current situation is, the key is to remember all that you have.

Amidst all the negative things that have happened, you must focus on the things that make your heart feel alive. Reconnect with yourself and show gratitude for the good things life offers.

During the time when things don’t go as you wish, don’t let the negatives consume you. Remember things that made you smile. Write about what the good life has to offer today.

2. Feel Your Emotions

Some experiences in life can bring us down. Pain and suffering can make our lives miserable. The death of a loved one, losing your job, or ending a relationship with your partner can bring you down.

The problem with us is that we try to suppress strong and overwhelming emotions. During hardships, it is okay that one might feel that way. But the best way is to give yourself time to heal.

Take your time and feel every emotion to get back to balance. Give your heart time to heal fully. Suppressing emotions will only make it worse. This is because it will be expressed as anger, grief, or physical stress.

Because it is already a tough situation, you might feel lonely. It is necessary that you take care of your physical and mental health. The times may be hard, but all we can do is keep moving forward.

Feel your emotions, but also know how to not get stuck in them. If you don’t know when to stop, it will only make things worse. To calm yourself, you can either focus on your breathing or on things around you.

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3. Gratitude For Small Things

Gratitude is the best thing you can practice when life seems to hit rock bottom. I can confirm this because I’ve also used this practice to ease myself at hard times.

When things are not aligning with our expectations, it is hard to find something positive. The brain can make you feel sorry for yourself. And the self-victimization, well, you know that sucks as well.

To overcome feeling this way, gratitude can be a tool to help you. How do I take advantage of gratitude to improve things? All I do is ask myself these questions.

Who all are in my life I am thankful for? What are a few things that make me happy?

The answers are never fancy. They mostly have the simplest of answers. Like I am thankful for my cat, that doesn’t acknowledge my existence. But her just being there makes me happy. My focus here is to be thankful for things we forget.

4. Nothing In Life Is Permanent

The only way I turn my life around when life sucks is by telling myself that nothing is permanent. If you want to feel like things are in your control, here’s the life hack. Tell yourself that the future is in your hands.

Consistency in bad things might make you believe that life is going to be the same, the worst. But instead of focusing on what happened, taking action for your next day or week is how you can make life suck less step-by-step.

5. Understand And Learn From Your Setbacks

What do we do when things are bad? In plain words, all we do is put conscious effort into focusing more on the bad things. This can affect us in many ways. Changes in sleep habits or mental health issues are two examples.

All I’ll ask you to do is to question yourself about what good the bad times offered. At no point do I want to sound like the cliche motivational speaker.

When I am at my lowest, I know that I get a chance to introspect about things. That is the only time I can analyze and change the beliefs and ideologies I follow. Introspection of beliefs and actions is my way of thinking good about bad times.

The key to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is to try to add value when life seems to suck.

Strategies To Opt For When You Hit Rock Bottom

“Be thankful for what you have,” “You’ve got everything; why are you even sad?”

We all have been there. And if you are tired of listening to hogwash from people, here are some strategies you can try to stop focusing on something negative. This may seem counterintuitive but it is not a self-help cliche here, I promise.

Start by knowing and understanding what is bothering you. Writing it on a notepad can be effective if you need to take care of it. If you think your life sucks, figure out the WHYs. The objective is to look at problems with an open mind.

Once you have an idea of what is bothering you, set your goals. Do you want to achieve a target of losing 40 pounds? You know how hard this is. What I actually mean is to set realistic goals. Why not start with a daily routine of exercise for 30 minutes?

When you think your life sucks, grab your hand and do something you have never done. Around in the past, when my life was not so smooth, I tried my luck with needlework. I am glad that I found a reason to start it, honestly.


You can start trying new things. Go to a cafe you’ve never been to. Pick up a new hobby. Learn how to play an instrument, visit a new place, develop a new skill, or try a new language. Maybe catch up with an old friend. There’s so much you can do when you think your life sucks.

Once you have the reasons and plans to make your life suck less, there comes a point where you have to track your progress. Seeing your daily progress will help build enthusiasm for achieving your specific goals.


When the bad time hits, the simplest advice would be to remain positive. I hope the ways to stop the suction from life mentioned above could fix your tougher times. When it comes to finding happiness, will require discipline and strength. Rather than facing the trauma of how life sucks, the focus should be on making things better for yourself.

FAQs | Life is Sucking

Ever noticed how the most successful people have very strong intuition and base their decisions on their gut feelings rather than waiting for someone to come along and tell them what to do?

Absolutely! Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool, and many successful people have learned to trust it when making decisions. It’s not always easy, but it can be a great way to tap into our natural wisdom and make the best choices for ourselves. Plus, intuition often leads us to unexpected places that we wouldn’t have been able to access with logic alone.

Ready to learn how to successfully get over those ‘life sucks’ moments — or how to help someone you love to get out of that rut?

Absolutely! The best way to get through tough times is to stay positive and focus on the good. Remind yourself that even though it may seem like life sucks, better days are ahead. Additionally, when helping someone else who’s going through a hard time, be sure to listen without judgment and offer your support. It’s also important to encourage them to take care of themselves by doing things that make them happy.

So why does life suck sometimes?

Life can be tough, and it’s normal to feel like things are hard sometimes. Life is full of ups and downs, and the key is to remember that things will get better if we stay positive and keep pushing forward. It’s also important to take time for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out – a break from the hustle can do wonders!

So you had a bad day?

Yeah, it was pretty awful. I had a huge argument with my boss and then got stuck in traffic on the way home. It’s been one of those days where nothing seems to be going right. But I’m trying to stay positive and look forward to tomorrow being better!


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